BigCommerce Modifications and Greasemonkey (part 2: searching orders by purchased products - simplified version)

on March 26, 2012 in Bigcommerce Templates

I think you are familiar with this post and with the solution presented. However, the script presented there, had one weak point, where the system would ask again for the BigCommerce API credentials. Well, for many of you, this is not a weak spot, however, there may be others for whom entering the API credentials two times may be an uncomfortable action.

So, the article here comes with the solution to this!

The Concept

The script will take a look in your BigCommerce store at the Order Statistics - Orders by Item Sold and see what are the products that the customers purchased. The search will be performed based on the products there.


The installation is pretty much the same as the one for any script which works with Greasemonkey: drag-and-drop. If you are confused about this, take a pick here and see a full documentation.

How to use this

In order for you to be able to search orders by the products sold (assuming you already installed the script) you will have to go to Statistics > Order Statistics. You will see a button right above the breadcrumbs: "Search by products": click it!

bigcommerce search by products

As simple as that!

The list with the sold products will appear and you will be able to click on their IDs to see the orders that contain those products. I know it was requested a few times in BigCommerce forum so it is a good idea to come back here and check out for our solutions from time to time.
If you have any improvements, or would like to say thanks just comment below!

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